14th Conference 2011 Press

Journalists' articles

Environment’s pollution

The environmental pollution is a significant issue of international concern and it is urgent for the humanity to find solutions.

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All Committees day 3

Action Paper I
Cities of today – Cities of tomorrow

This was the third day of the MUN-Conference. The participants found solutions for the environmental, infrastructural and social problems in modern cities.

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All Committees day 2

Action Paper 1
Cities of today-Cities of tomorrow

The participants were divided to five teams:

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My name is Efrosini Nikolopoulou and I was the Head of Press in this 14th DSAMUN. Because of the fact that I have served as a delegate and as a Student Officer in several Committees but not as a press member, my participation in this conference was a great challenge.

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Meet the press team

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Speech of Director of UNRIC, Dimitris Fatouros

The director of UNRIC, Dimitris Fatouros started with a small joke about his promise to last year’s delegates. He had promised that George Clooney

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Secretariat Interview

Secretary General:

Name: Thanassis Kyritsis
Comes from: Greece
Age: 18 years old

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