Message of the UN Secretary General

According to the message by H.E. the Secretary General of the United Nation, Mr.Ban Ki-moon, delivered by George Evgenidis, Deputy Secretary General of the DSAMUN,

we will soon reach the seven billion mark regarding human population. The increasing population will lead to limited space, he pointed out. In addition, it was  mentioned that more and more countries live in peace under the principals of democracy , but that progress is threatened by the new economic crisis, which is responsible for an increases in unemployment and inequality. Furthermore it was stated,  that to solve global problems global solutions were needed. Mr. Ban Ki-moon mentioned the mission of the United Nations for building a better world, leaving no one behind and standing for the best of mankind. In conclusion it was said, that if we wanted to gain something we would have to give something and support global co-operation.

By Marina Mattheou and Loukas Melissopoulos