Meet the press team


My name is Marina Mattheou and I have already participated in a previous MUN conference. Last year I worked as an Admin Staff and this time I chose to become a member of the press team .The work as a journalist was quite demanding, because of the variety of the articles, which we had to write. The positive aspect of this work was that I had the opportunity to improve my English skills by writing in and listening to English all the time. Last but not least I would like to add that I have learned to cooperate with other people and be patient.

Hello, my name is Marita Boulougouri, I am a 14 year old, a student and a member of the Press Team in the DSA MUN Conference. This was my first participation in the MUN Conference and I was really excited. I really enjoyed writing articles about the speeches and the debates with the other members of the press.

My name is Eva Kapou and I’m a press member and it is the first time I take part in the press team of the DSAMUN . It is a very active and productive team. Its members are also very cooperative. Working for press helped me improve my English level and have some experiences of committees in session. In the committees the atmosphere was friendly, but sometimes the delegates were a bit nervous too. I was very interested in the issues which were discussed in the committees and I found that a challenge to be a member of press because it was a stressful situation.


My name is Athina Gaitanou and when I joined the press team, I didn’t expect anything like what I faced. A lot of things were going on, great amount of pressure and stress and a lot of running around on high-heels, which is a task in itself. However, I did not complain (a lot), because what I learned from this event and the messages I received have been more than enough to bring satisfaction and to increase my interest in the MUN process, in general. Meeting people from many countries is always exciting and advantageous and I believe I have gained from that. Lastly, my participation in this three-day conference helped me improve my English skills. To sum up, I would recommend that everyone participate and I would definitely love to do it again next year.

My name is Alexandros Tasoulas, I am a Greek student from Agrinion, and I was a member of the press team of the DSAMUN. I have to say that it was a very special experience! I really enjoyed listening to the ideas of other people about world matter subjects. I was so happy to work with the team, and I admired the leadership skills of Efrosini Nikolopoulou, the editor of our team. It was very pleasant to me, because everyone was very kind and friendly. I made some new friends who helped me and I helped them, we had a great time and lots of work to do. I will leave with the best impressions about this conference. It was amazing and I hope I will come again next year!

My name is Loukas Melissopoulos and it is the first time I am participating in the MUN conference as a press member. Being a journalist was pretty difficult and stressful, because we had a lot of work to do and because we had to keep deadlines, but it was also a way to practise my writing skills as well as my English in general. Meeting new people and making new friends was also a bright side of it.

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