Speech of H.E. Dr. Roland Wegener, Ambassador of Germany to Greece

Mr Ronald Wegener started by saying that it was a great honour for him being in the German School of Athens. He also talked about the importance of MUN.

He said that MUN was created in order to enable students to work together on finding solutions in politics. He also mentioned that young people have the opportunity to cooperate with people with different personalities and from a variety of cultures. He admitted that it would not be easy for students who do not speak English as their mother tongue to communicate and search for solutions in a foreign language. Nevertheless, he was convinced that the conference gives all of them the opportunity to explore new skills and by cooperating solve some of the world’s issues. Last but not least H.E. Dr. Wegener presented the director of the DSA, Mr. Fischer, with the award as “Excellent German School Abroad”, which the German School of Athens was awarded by the Federal President of Germany for its excellent standards and creativity.

By marina mattheou