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pdf EC Measures to prevent mass migration linked to air pollution Popular
pdf EC Monitoring and mitigating the potential adverse effects and benefits of modern biotechnology Popular
pdf EC Promoting the development of sustainable transportation infrastructure Popular
pdf EC The question of implementing stronger animal rights in regard to their use in product testing and cloning Popular
pdf ECOSOC Broadening the economic scope of the female workforce in India Popular
pdf ECOSOC Decreasing the economic dependence of developing countries on illegal drug production and trade Popular
pdf ECOSOC Measures to promote market activity and economic resilience of landlocked developing countries Popular
pdf ECOSOC Preventing the Covid 19 crisis from becoming a food crisis Popular
pdf GA1 Addressing the issue of state owned technology developers operating in other countries Popular
pdf GA1 Combating Piracy in the Malacca Strait Popular
pdf GA1 Redefining cybersecurity in the midst of 5G development Popular
pdf GA3 Addressing the impact of COVID 19 on gender inequality in the labor market and gender role attitudes Popular
pdf GA3 Human Rights violations by policing organs in Nigeria Popular
pdf GA3 Preventing the violation of Human Rights in Eritrea Popular
pdf GA4 Preventing the radicalization in refugee camps Popular
pdf GA4 Promoting Sustainable Foreign Investment in Formerly Colonized States Popular
pdf GA4 The current political situation in Kyrgyzstan Popular
pdf GA6 Criminal Accountability of U N Officers Popular
pdf GA6 Establishing an international legal framework for intelligence agencies Popular
pdf GA6 Establishing rules and regulations against discriminatory imprisonment and racial profiling Popular

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