Speech of Mr. Thanasis Kiritsis

Thanasis Kiritsis opened his speech, mentioning the paths everyone should follow in the MUN. He advised on watching all topics of interest: Environmental, politic, financial, etc.

As the central idea of his speech, he referred to ‘people suppressing their feelings’. He pointed out that people do not feel free to speak. He alleged that people should say their minds in public, and continued talking about  freedom of the press, saying that as long as people don’t speak freely, so wont the press. Further on in his speech, he said that teamwork is essential in order to make this conference a success. He explained, that with negotiating, acting amongst others and promoting solutions everyone can make the most out of this conference. He stated that the whole idea of  MUN is ‘spreading ideas all over the world‘. He mentioned, too, that with crisis comes change, opportunity and development of character in people (referring to the world being in a global crisis). ‘Failure is part of the game’ he reported. As a final piece of advice, he said that everyone should become the player and not be controlled by anyone in any means.

Alexandros Tasoulas

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