Secretariat Interview

Secretary General:

Name: Thanassis Kyritsis
Comes from: Greece
Age: 18 years old
MUN conferences attended: DSA will mark my 12th  conference and 6th  time as a student officer. I have chairs the Disarmament and EcoFin Committees, a Special Conference, a Security Council and also been DSG.
Favourite quote: Delegates try to be constructive and not destructive!
First time as a chair:  I loved my first chairing experience. I was co-chair in a Special Conference on the rights of women. The committee was small and full of new-comers, which makes it an even bigger challenge for chairs! Together with my co-chair we had to explain everything from top and help the delegates deliver a speech. I really enjoyed helping them out! Although I was kind and helpful, I also happened to be the stricter and more serious chair, which is why some delegates got afraid of me.

Deputy Secretary General :

Name: George Evgenidis
Comes from: Greece
Age: 16 years old
MUN conferences attended: This is the 13th conference I will be attending.
Personal moto- advice to the delegates: “We always have to look into the future, but the past is always part of our present”



President of the General Assembly:

Name: Fani Davelu-Baum
Comes from: Half Greek, HALF German but lived my whole life in Athens
Age: 16
MUN conferences attended: 9 as a delegate,7 as a chair
Favorite quote: It's actually a line from a poem of Wilfred Owen: "The Old Lie: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" meaning "it's sweet and noble to die for one's country".
A piece of advice: Take the floor! In general, PARTICIPATE. It's the only way to really enjoy MUN, otherwise it's just 3 boring days, listening to people arguing! Not much point, right? As a new delegate I was extremely shy and I consider my first 3-4 conferences completely wasted. The real fun starts when you actually start debating. So grab every chance to take the floor.                                              Hobbies or anything else to share with the delegates: I'm the absolute MUN stereotype: I love debating, literature, travelling and want to study politics and later law in the US.

Deputy President of the GA:

Name: Eva Nissioti
Comes from: Athens, Greece
Age: 18 years old
Mun conferences attended: This year’s DSAMUN will be my 14th conference. As far as my chairing experience is concerned, I have been 6 times a Chair, one of which was in THIMUN and one time President of the General Assembly.
Embarrassing Moment: One time I had to use my own laptop in order to make amendments viewable to the whole committee and opened the Microsoft Word       
program where there was this cute little face giving you instructions. As a result the whole committee was paying attention to this cartoon!
A piece of advice: An effort that not succeeded is an effort that was not even made. Or in other words, make the best effort of yours and it surely cannot be considered as a failure.     

By Head of Press, Efrosini Nikolopoulou

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