Speech of Mr. Thomas Fischer

At the beginning of his speech, a minute of silence was kept as a tribute to Mrs. Meidani, former headmistress of the Greek department of the DSA.

In the following, he pointed out that despite all the troubles caused by several strikes, this year’s MUN conference could still take place successfully. Furthermore, Mr. Fischer underlined the importance of media, which could help people to express their thoughts and it is a way to fight certain policies if necessary. That’s why nowadays media are sometimes considered to be the fourth power. He also mentioned the fact that negative news about Greece has been spread around the world. Moreover, he believes that the media’s point of view should be neutral and unbiased, free of personal opinion and interests. In order to achieve this “goal”, research and responsible thinking are required. Freedom of the press and the protection of the journalists, who risk their lives, are of greatest importance in today's society.

Loukas Melissopoulos