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pdf ECOSOC - Assisting Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDC’s) affected by the application of sanctions Popular
pdf ECOSOC - Discussing the economic and social effect of pharmaceutical cartels Popular
pdf ECOSOC - Tackling the social repercussions of the Resource Curse in developing economies Popular
pdf ECOSOC - The question of setting frameworks to regulate the usage of cryptocurrencies Popular
pdf Environmental Commitee - The impact of industrial pollution on pandemic transmission Popular
pdf Environmental Committee - Imposing measures tackling the particulate pollution in Southern Asian countries Popular
pdf Environmental Committee - Water Security in Transnational Desert Climates Popular
pdf GA1 - Evaluating the effects of Secret Diplomacy on Global Security and Peace Popular
pdf GA1 - Implementing measures to ensure the stability and territorial integrity of Afghanistan Popular
pdf GA1 - Tracking and tackling the illicit production and distribution of chemical weapons Popular
pdf GA3 - Assessing Covid 19 Restriction Measures as to avoid a Hygiene Dictatorship Popular
pdf GA3 - Proposing a global framework to prevent the persecution of journalists and independent media Popular
pdf GA3 - Protecting the worker’s rights of migrant workers in Middle Eastern Nations Popular
pdf GA4 - Methods to cease Françafrique Political and Economic Neo Colonialism Popular
pdf GA4 - Promoting the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the Near East Popular
pdf GA4 - The situation in Transnistria Popular
pdf GA6 - Discussing the Legal Frameworks and current legislations in place preventing the cartelization of world trade markets Popular
pdf GA6 - Establishing a Legal Liabilities for child protective services Popular
pdf GA6 - The scope and application of the principle of universal jurisdiction Popular
pdf SC - Reviewing preventive measures within the framework of the Responsibility to Protect Popular

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