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pdf Achieving prison reform and alternatives to imprisonment - Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Committee (GA3) Popular
pdf Addressing the impact of the fall of the USSR (26 December 1991) - Historical Security Council Popular
pdf Addressing the potential risk of weapozisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data - Disarmament and International Security Committee Popular
pdf Addressing the rise of far right and populism in Europe and America - Special Political and Decolonization Committee (GA4) Popular
pdf Creating and protecting urban green lungs to establish a healthy environment in cities - Special Conference on sustainable cities Popular
pdf Empowering women in traditional and conservative societies - ECOSOC Popular
pdf Ensuring the protection of personal data - Youth Assembly Popular
pdf Establishing an international legal framework for the improvement of cyber security laws - Legal Committee (GA6) Popular
pdf Improving safety of children in cities - Special Conference on Sustainable Cities Popular
pdf Limiting the impact of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) - Environmental Committee Popular
pdf Maintenance of international security, good neighborliness, stability and development in South-Eastern Europe - Disarmament & International Security Committee (GA1) Popular
pdf Measures to Combat Drug Cartels in Latin America - ECOSOC Popular
pdf Necessity of ending the economic,commercial and finacial embargo imposed by the US against Cuba - ECOSOC Popular
pdf Promoting measures to increase banking transparency in order to limit offshore and cross border money laundering and tax evasion - Legal Committe Popular
pdf Question of Catalonia’s claims for independence - Special Political & Decolonization Committee (GA4) Popular
pdf Reducing energy consumption and air pollution in sustainable cities - Special Conference on Sustainable Cities Popular
pdf Reducing inequities in children’s outcomes in high and middle income countries - ECOSOC Popular
pdf Secret re education camps - Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Committee Popular
pdf Social Urban Planning empowerment through community development - Special Conference in Sustainable cities Popular
pdf Supporting ecotourism to help diminish the negative effects of tourism - Environmental Committee Popular

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