THIMUN 2013 – In the shade of the World Forum

Once again our school decided to participate in the five-day THIMUN conference held in The Hague. This year thirteen DSA students took part in the journey to the Netherlands: Laura Gousi, Louiza Kosti, Maria Nefeli Kousta, Sandy Papamikrouli, Lida Kara, Marietta Protopapa, Kostantina Malliou, Alexander Arsoudis, Alexander Roth, Achilleas Mitrotasios and Michael Papageorgiou as delegates of Congo, Andreas Tsevas as the ambassador and David Markou as a judge in the ICJ. Nevertheless, let us not forget the accompaniment of our two excellent teachers Mr. Ralph Kaiser and Ms. Maria Theoharopoulou, who had the lovely opportunity to constantly put up with us.
The first day we arrived exhausted from the flight but also excited about what was soon going to follow in the next days. Despite rather harsh weather conditions, our trip to Amsterdam on the first day was nothing but a unique and unforgettable experience as it also proved to be the perfect opportunity to get to know the Dutch culture and acquire some souvenirs.
Refreshed from that and as we entered the World Forum on the first day, many feelings overcame us. Being overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of the conference building and the vast amount of participants (over 3500 delegates!), we soon found ourselves in the committee rooms, in which we started working immediately, in the form of creating alliances and merging resolutions. Debate did soon follow and each member of our delegation had to face up to the difficult task of defining and defending the policy of our country and to overcome all potential obstacles. All in all, the week ran quite smoothly and despite the exhaustion caused by our various activities including a lovely trip to Delft and visits to various restaurants, we put all possible effort into the conduct of our work during this week. The conference ended with an extremely spectacular Closing Ceremony, which both impressed the participants but also made them realize that the conference and the work of a whole week was finally finished.
Claiming that the conference was a flawless masterpiece would be rather an exaggeration but every single one of us agreed that it was a unique and incomparable MUN-experience, which we were happy to have shared. Looking back to what happened, we experience a great deal of satisfaction whenever we try to reconstruct the events of that both successful and unforgettably amazing week.

Andreas Tsevas 10B
Alexandros Arsoudis 10A



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