Invitation Letter

Esteemed MUN advisors, chairs and delegates,

On behalf of the DSAMUN 2020 Secretariat, it is with great pleasure that we extend our invitation concerning this year's conference, which will be held on the premises of the German School of Athens from the 16th until the 18th of October 2020.

Being the oldest conference in Greece and the first to obtain Thimun affiliation, our conference has managed to attract thousands of participants from all over the world in order to engage the youth in topics of paramount importance. DSAMUN participants are provided with a unique opportunity to emulate the role and purpose of a diplomat in 10 different committees, which are modeled after the goals of the UN. In the 3 day timespan of our conference, delegates will not only share their countries views on topics of utmost importance in our modern world; they will also have the opportunity to forge friendships and relations they otherwise wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to develop.

In  our shared world it is becoming increasingly obvious that the world is in a politically turbulent time. With the advent of globalization, privatization of outer space exploration and Genetic modification it is important to remain outward looking, while also keeping a watchfool look on the problems that have been present for a long time, such as child abuse, lack of freedom of speech and integration of refugees. Issues of this magnitude are to be discussed in the 23rd DSAMUN conference.

This year the theme of our annual conference focuses on the attainment of children's rights. Even considering the great strides in the prevention of poverty has taken, children often find themselves in precarious positions, where their basic and inalienable right to education, nourishment and abstention from forced labour are being undermined and systematically abused. It is a common and shared goal to eradicate such inhuman treatment of minors.

Participants of our  conference can expect themselves to be faced with challenging yet rewarding situations, all taking place in a multicultural and creative context. Through this participation, delegates will be aptly equipped to live in a globalised and enlightened world, where tolerance, respect and understanding of other cultures, religions and ideologies will  be fostered.

When looking for advice on the future, contemplating on the past often yields great results. In the words of Nelson Mandela: “The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow”

On behalf of the DSAMUN Organising Team, we look forward to meeting you in October,


The Secretary General,                                   The President of the General Assembly,
    Ioannis Kordas                                                       George Stamatopoulos



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